Phases of Shooting Breakdown

Every task has 3 phase – Anticipation, Action and Reinforcement

At a minimum, I want every shooter to be able to list for a coach the 6 points of the Action phase. Break Point/Area, Body Position, Hold Point, Mount, Vision Point, Call for the Target. As this becomes second nature, it will all occur within 3-4 seconds. Consistency and timing are the keys.

Anticipation phase:

  • Think about what you are going to do before you are in the box
  • What are the conditions
  • Visualize making the shot

Action phase:

  1. Break point (skeet/sporting)/ Break area (trap)
  2. Body Position Foot position Weight distribution Bend knees Shoulders level Head Level
  3. Hold Point – Where you starting your barrel
  4. Gun Mount
    - Barrel positioned toward the hold point prior to mounting
    - Mount gun – Bring gun to face
    - Is your gun mounted into the shoulder properly?
  5. Vision Point
    - Eyes at the correct point
    - Soft focus
  6. Call for the Target
    - What is the mantra the shooter uses prior to calling for the target? (i.e. – see the target)
    - Call without the body tightening

Shooting phase:

  • Keep eyes on the target- do not look at the barrel
  • Move smoothly to target
  • Pull Trigger
  • Keep head in the gun
  • Follow through

Reinforcement phase:

  • Replay the shot in your head
  • Tell yourself the correction if you missed. Do not tell yourself what you did wrong.
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