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May 25th Fun Shoot

This Saturday is our Fun Shoot and Picnic. If you have not registered for the event please do so by noon Thursday. The food order will be submitted after lunch.

New to the fun shoot this year is our Crushers "Iron Man", a great opportunity for new or experienced shooters to try a new discipline. Plan on arriving by 9:00, check in to confirm your squad, field, and flight time. As of tonight, we have 5 full squads and 1 partial, if you are interested please register to help complete the 6th squad. There will be two flights, one at 9:30 and the second at 10:30. Knockout and Trap Doubles will be available from 9:30 to noon. 

Crush It! Sheets will be available for your review. Please take a picture, review the coach feedback and apply the coaching direction during your off-season practices. 

Critical Registration Dates:

  • May 25th, Skeet Event 3, Powder Creek after our Picnic.
  • June 8th, SCTP State Trap Shoot, KTA Wichita, KS. This is a required shoot for the Trap team, unless you are shooting the Kansas State Sporting Clays Championship. Registration will close on May 25th. Reminder: It is the team members responsibility to reimburse the Crushers for any subsidized event registration that is canceled after the team submits the payment to KTA. 
  • July 14th - 20th, SCTP Nationals in Marengo Ohio. Please RSVP by May 28th. Once we have a head count we'll determine the team subsidy and start the payment process. Event times and days can be challenging to obtain and we won't have final details until we register the team on June 1st. Our plan is to shoot Skeet and Sporting on July 15th - 16th, Trap July 17th -18th and Skeet Doubles on July 19th. All team members are welcome to attend and can shoot their disciplines or all events. If you are newer to the sport, AIM Grand is a good first step in your path to SCTP Nationals. 
RSVP for the Fun Shoot & Lunch - May 25th
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